Featured Artist – No Trust

No Class Apparel featured artist No Trust

No Trust Interview by Joe Hammett August 14th, 2014 No Class Apparel Featured Artist: No Trust The Cycle by No Trust Genre: Metal Label: Independent Website: www.notrustnoise.com Contact: notrustnoise@gmail.com Youtube: none Facebook: www.facebook.com/notrustnoise Twitter: @notrustnoise Merchandise: Official Website BIO: No Trust is a metal band from The East Bay California formed in 2010 by brothers

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Featured Artist – Dead Bats Society

No Class Apparel featured artist Dead Bats Society

Dead Bats Society Interview by Joe Hammett June 10th, 2014 Demo by Dead Bats Society No Class Apparel Featured Artist: Dead Bats Society Genre: Horror Punk Label: None Website: www.deadbatssociety.bandcamp.com Contact: contact@deadbatssociety.com Youtube: www.youtube.com/deadbatssociety Facebook: www.facebook.com/deadbatssociety Twitter: @deadbatssociety Merchandise: None BIO: Straight out of a horror book, we are Dead Bats Society; drunk punk rockers

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Featured Artist – DionVox

No Class Apparel featured artist Dionvox

DionVox Interview by Joe Hammett February 22th, 2014 No Class Apparel Featured Artist: DionVox Genre: Underground Pop / Glo Fi / Trip Hop Label: RZY Website: www.dionvox.com Contact: http://dionvox@gmail.com Youtube: www.youtube.com/dionvox Facebook: www.facebook.com/dionvox Twitter: www.twitter.com/dionvox1 Merchandise: Not yet BIO: DIONVOX was formed in Los Angeles during a Wu Tang Killa Beez recording session and then

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Featured Artist – Cristiane Ross

No Class Apparel featured artist Cristiane Ross

Cristiane Ross Interview by Joe Hammett December 12th, 2013 No Class Apparel Featured Artist: Cristiane Ross Genre: Rock/Alternative Rock Label: TMG Website: www.cristianeross.com Contact: contact@cristianeross.com Youtube: www.youtube.com/cristianeross Facebook: www.facebook.com/cristianerossPage Twitter: @cristiane_ross Merchandise: Not yet BIO: Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Cristiane Ross had her first contact with music in childhood by her parents. All of

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Featured Artist – Protected Left

no class apparel featured artist protected-left

Protected Left Interview by Joe Hammett August 14th, 2013 No Class Apparel Featured Artist: Protected Left 4 Way Split (preview) by Protected Left Genre: Punk Rock Label: None Website: http://protectedleft.org Contact: protectedleftband@gmail.com Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/ProtectedLeft Facebook: www.facebook.com/protectedleft Twitter: www.twitter.com/protectedleftmi Merchandise: None BIO: Protected Left is, for lack of a better term, a punk rock band based

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Featured Artist – The Benjees

No Class Apparel Featured artist the benjee

The Benjees Interview by Joe Hammett July 14th, 2013 No Class Apparel Featured Artist: The Benjees Hollywood by The Benjees Genre: Rock Label: none Website: http://thebenjees.bandcamp.com/ Contact: thebenjees@gmail.com Youtube: none Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/The-Benjees/60839021803 Twitter: @thebenjees Merchandise: http://thebenjees.bandcamp.com/ BIO: The Benjees come from Bushwick, Brooklyn with a fat sound that is fast and loose, tight and funky. 

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