Featured Artist – Cristiane Ross

No Class Apparel featured artist Cristiane Ross

Cristiane Ross
Interview by Joe Hammett
December 12th, 2013

No Class Apparel Featured Artist: Cristiane Ross

Genre: Rock/Alternative Rock
Label: TMG
Website: www.cristianeross.com
Contact: contact@cristianeross.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/cristianeross
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cristianerossPage
Twitter: @cristiane_ross
Merchandise: Not yet

BIO: Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Cristiane Ross had her first contact with music in childhood by her parents. All of her family is devoted to the church, especially her grandfather and father, who are pastors. With her brother, Fabio, she began leading the worship music in services, and she also led the children’s ministry for many years.

In 2005, she married Mark Ross, a drummer from America, who came to live in Brazil. This brought new areas of ministry opportunities for her. They began participating in radio shows and in many church services in Rio, with Cristiane translating for Mark when he preached. They also started to compose their own music and the first song they composed was “Loved the World” in 2008

Cristiane now lives in Dallas, TX  and in July 2013, her first cd “Talitha Cumi” was released by Tate Music Group. She is currently experiencing many invitations to perform at many events throughout Texas. Her desire is to speak of Christ and the message of the Cross, with passion and energy, and with songs that give strength, courage and comfort to the hearts of the listeners.

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