Featured Artist – Dead Bats Society

No Class Apparel featured artist Dead Bats Society

Dead Bats Society
Interview by Joe Hammett
June 10th, 2014

No Class Apparel Featured Artist: Dead Bats Society

Genre: Horror Punk
Label: None
Website: www.deadbatssociety.bandcamp.com
Contact: contact@deadbatssociety.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/deadbatssociety
Facebook: www.facebook.com/deadbatssociety
Twitter: @deadbatssociety
Merchandise: None

BIO: Straight out of a horror book, we are Dead Bats Society; drunk punk rockers from Tacoma, Washington. Our music is the soundtrack to Halloween and The Apocalypse rolled into one.

These fans of horror take on a new an awesome direction in the horror genre scene. Writing blazing fast riffs, tight drumming, heavy bass, and screeching vocals. Dead Bats Society will be sure to make your coffin rumble while bringing the dead back to life.

Get a hold off ’em:

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