Featured Artist – JAYROLL (from the Eastside)

No Class Apparel featured artist Jayroll

JAYROLL (from the Eastside)
Interview by Joe Hammett
June 28th, 2015


No Class Apparel: Where were you born and raised?JAYROLL: I was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. A project of the hood. Haha

NCA: How did you get exposed to hip hop/rap in the early days?

JAYROLL: In Junior High School. Back in those days it was all mix tapes and what not. There was no downloading you know. So a lot of the artist that I listened to I discovered almost by accident. Passing along tapes between friends. Did you hear this tape? Did you hear that tape? That’s where it all started man. In the playgrounds of LA.

NCA: Where do most of your lyrics derive from – what is your motivation?

JAYROLL: From everyday life. Around here, you can walk down the block and pay witness to people struggling, people husslin’, people jacking dudes just to get some ends. All that shit is what I talk about. I try to stay away from the bling-bling style of rappin’, you know. Everyday life. I could talk about being ghetto rich, but you know. Not everyone can relate to that sort of thing. So I try to keep it true to the streets.

NCA: When did you and Joe Beats first start working on tracks?

JAYROLL: Ah man, shit… Ever since I can remember. We’ve always worked on projects together. Whether it was his thing or mine. I’ve known him for quite a minute. But we didn’t get serious and focused ‘till about 4 years ago. Me and him, we just work well together. No bullshit while we’re in the studio, you know. It’s all business with him.

NCA: What’s one of your favorite tracks from your first EP? (Jealousy and Greed, 2010)

JAYROLL: My personal favorite from that EP is hands down: “The Life I Lead”. Yeah man, one day Joe Beats gave me a call. And was like, “hey man, I got this bomb as track I want you to do your thang over”. I think that weekend we hit the studio and didn’t come out till the next day. My lyrics and his beat just went hand in hand.


NCA: What’s one of your favorite tracks from your upcoming or unreleased EP?

JAYROLL: Right now it’s hard to say. There are a few good sounding tracks on our latest project. I think, “When We Ride On Our Enemies” is a good one. “Living In Borrowed Times” is another one. This one was back tracked with a live band. Shit sounds dope. I’m telling you, Joe Beats is a master mind in the studio.

NCA: What’s next on the agenda for JAYROLL and Joe Beats?

JAYROLL: Right now, we’re trying to put together a few shows and at the same time just working on the next track, and the next track. I think right now we have another 8 to 10 tracks we want to release. But our main focus is getting some shows going.

NCA: Where do you see your career in the next 5 years?

JAYROLL: Definitely sticking to the same. Trying to promote the tracks and getting more exposure. Hopefully in the next 5 years, or before then, myself and Joe Beats could be playing larger venues and just keeping the shit going. You know what I mean. Going on Tour.

NCA: Where can people buy your material?

JAYROLL: Our EP can be picked up through my site: JAYROLL.COM I have some other stuff on there to that people should check out.

NCA: Cool, cool. Anything else you’d like people to know?

JAYROLL: Definitely, stop by the site. Send me a message online. Check out the tracks we’ve uploaded on YouTube. And just keep up with us. We’ll definitely be putting some live shows together in the near future.

NCA: Well thanks a lot for taking the time to stop by for an interview. We wish you the best.

JAYROLL: Good looking. Peace.

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