Clothing For Your Inner Rock Star!


Hey, what’s the deal – do you sell t-shirts, dresses or records?

We sell t-shirts and custom tailor dresses. But here at No Class Apparel, we’re musicians who also play in bands. So we tend to promote bands that we really like. And sometimes sell their merch.

How are your dresses made?

We hand craft each and every dress from unisex t-shirts. Each dress is professionally tailored for a great fit and durable product.

What’s so cool about your t-shirts?

Our t-shirts are designed with the counter-culture movement in mind. So our designs are geared away from the mainstream fashion. Hence: Super Cool!

I fear the internet and want to come in and see you guys – where are your locations?

Currently we don’t have a store front. Online is the only way to purchase products.

When is No Class Apparel coming to my town?

Did you here about that big punk/crust/dbeat/metal festival? Then you’ll more than likely find us there. Either selling tees or partying it up with the rest of you.

I just love No Class Apparel – can I promote you guys in my hood?

Definitely! We would love for you to tell others to visit our site.

I got the wrong item! – what is your exchange policy?

Exchange is only for defective items or items which we’ve incorrectly sent you. Contact us so that we can resolve your issue asap.

What gives – i didn’t get my confirmation e-mail?

Make sure to go through your spam folder. Sometimes when making your first order, our e-mails will go directly into your junk folder.

Can I contact you direct?

Sure. Email us at:

I’m a local retail shop – who do I contact if I want to sell No Class Apparel in my shop?

Please contact us directly via e-mail.