Hey, what’s the deal – do you sell t-shirts or records?

We make t-shirts. But here at No Class Apparel, we’re musicians who also play in bands. So we tend to promote bands that we really like. And sometimes sell their merch.

I fear the internet and want to come in and see you guys – where are your locations?

Currently we don’t have a store front. Online is the only way to purchase products.

When is No Class Apparel coming to my town?

Did you here about that big punk/crust/dbeat/metal festival? Then you’ll more than likely find us there. Either selling tees or partying it up with the rest of you.

I just love No Class Apparel – can I promote you guys in my hood?

Definitely! We would love for you to tell others to visit our site.

I got the wrong item! – what is your exchange policy?

Exchange is only for defective items or items which we’ve incorrectly sent you. Contact us so that we can resolve your issue asap.

What gives – i didn’t get my comfirmation e-mail?

Make sure to go through your spam folder. Sometimes when making your first order, our e-mails will go directly into your junk folder.

Can I contact you direct?

Sure. Email us at:

I’m a local retail shop – who do I contact if I want to sell No Class Apparel in my shop?

Please contact us directly via e-mail.